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We are embarking on an open-ended world tour in support of our second record, Make Friends With Hell, coming this Autumn. 


Along the way, we want to create 100 collaborations in each country, with the premise being to showcase the talents of the many brilliantly creative minds all across the world, thus creating a WIN for the band, a WIN for the collaborators and a WIN for the planet.

In each city we visit, we’ll collaborate with local:


Artists - Merchandise/Design

Bands & Musicians - Support 

Comedians - Support/Hosting Gigs

Photographers - Capture the Journey

Videographers - Create the Documentary

Vegan/Plant-Based Cafes - Fuel the Band/Social HQ

Yoga/Meditation/Well-Being - Zen On Tour


At the end of the process and as a thank you to each city, we will be producing a documentary film to showcase the highlights of the journey, along with volunteering our time to a reputable charity that is providing positive change in each country.

DIY is dead, now it’s all about the collaboration! 


We want to invite and welcome as many people as possible to get involved and share in the journey, be that through making a donation, adding your business to our list of sponsors, helping us add more dates to the tour, or simply by like, sharing or commenting via social media.

Whatever it is, we want you onboard!


Join us and become a Black Surf Centurion!



Tom and Ali

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